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Understanding Bitcoin & the 5 Axes of Power

Understanding Bitcoin & the 5 Axes of Power

>Summary: Bitcoin is likely to be the basis for the up-and-coming Internet of Value. Since its supply is limited, I expect BTC/USD to surpass 500.000USD in the next 5 to 10 years. The Last (Bitcoin) Supper by Youl >The 5 Axes of Power: money plays a central role in our society. The internet has decentralized almost all axes of power. Money is next with Bitcoin and other cryptocoins.

Extensive reading on the history of our civilization has led me to believe that power evolves around 5 main axes. For practical investment purposes, I believe getting a read on these and specifically their deltas (before most of the market) helps to make good investments, since they are powerful predictors of capital flows.

These axes intertwine with each other throughout history in fascinating ways. A thorough analysis would be quite long, but perhaps a brief intuitive overview will suffice, to really understand how power evolves around the world and how Bitcoin plays a role.

Consider all the science in the world, that has evolved through time. Could it have delivered value to citizens across the world without the forces of the market / money? When Mehmet Ali attempted to industrialize Egypt in the 1800s, he had enough money to buy the latest cotton spinning machines that science/Britain could output. What he did not have, was the right culture in Egypt to have these machines equate to a competitive output. They would often catch on fire and parts would go missing all the time.

Without violence, we would be better off in many ways. But we could also be living in a Nazi planet. Monotheistic religions have been arguably the most violent and simultaneously unifying of all, but without sharing deeper level believes with one another about our existence and fate, chances of cooperation are scarce. Market forces move our world and money is at the core of every single exchange. However, with no handle ...

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