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Twitter Rolls Out Bitcoin Tipping Worldwide, Verified NFT Avatars

Twitter will begin rolling out Bitcoin-based payment features starting on Thursday, including support for Lightning wallets, as part of a larger plan to support creators on its platforms.

The company announced the features on a call with reporters, noting that "Bitcoin operates without global barriers" and declaring that its crypto initiatives will help it participate in the "evolving decentralized news."

Twitter uses will be given two options to employ Bitcoin tips. The first is via a menu of payment options that include Square's Cash App and Go Fund Me, which will let users send tips to a Bitcoin address or send money in a more conventional way.

The other is via Strike, a Bitcoin payment application built atop the Lightning Network—a so-called layer 2 service that is meant to improve speed and reduce transaction costs.

Twitter said Bitcoin tipping will be available on Thursday to everyone in the world who uses an iOS device, and that support for Android devices will arrive in the near future. The company sent a series of tweets illustrating how users can use the crypto tipping feature:

The Bitcoin tipping rollout comes as the company has been rapidly accelerating the launch of community and payment products to help its users make money off their activity off the platform. Those products, which have been available to a very small group of people, include service called "Super Followers" and "Spaces," which let users host events for dedicated audiences.

Twitter NFTs

The company's Thursday announcement also included plans to "explore NFTs for authentication." NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, let people create unique digital artifacts on a blockchain.

Twitter provided the image below, titled "Twitter NFTs," but provided few details about what exactly the company intends to do with them.

"It’s a way to support creators making this art with a stamp to demonstrate authenticity," said Twitter executive,...

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