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Trezor hardware wallets are now able to support the recent Bitcoin Taproot update.

An update for Trezor Suite, the main interface for Trezor hardware wallets, and firmware for Trezor Model One (version 1.10.4) and Trezor Model T (version 2.4.3) devices, are ready to install. To download and install these updates, simply open Trezor Suite and proceed by following on-screen instructions.

Not using Trezor Suite yet? From January 31 2022, Trezor Wallet will no longer be supported. Download or access Trezor Suite for free at

Trezor hardware wallets are now able to support the recent Bitcoin Taproot update. This introduces several changes to how your wallet works, including a new Account type and Taproot addresses.

At the same time, the team at Invity have made it possible to trade on a decentralized exchange directly from Trezor Suite, so you can enjoy anonymous swaps without needing to use a third-party wallet.

Customers who use a Trezor Model T device to store and manage Ethereum will also be happy to learn it is no longer necessary to scroll through the full contract data when signing a transaction and verifying the data can be skipped if the user prefers.

Taproot accounts and addresses

The Taproot upgrade which was activated in November is now supported by Trezor Suite. This introduces some major changes to Bitcoin that build upon the SegWit upgrade of 2017, which enabled support for the Lightning network. Taproot is expected to have long-term effects on Bitcoin utility and adoption, and will in turn see further advances in the coming years.

To use Taproot, you will need to add a Taproot account in Trezor Suite. Once you have updated your Trezor firmware and are running the latest version of Trezor Suite, you can create a new Taproot account by going to the Accounts page and adding a new account by clicking on the large green plus sign next to My Accounts in the left sidebar.

Select Bitcoin as the coin to add a new account for, choose Taproot from the drop-down menu, and cl...

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