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Transactions stuck at zero confirmations...

I recently made a few purchases online and they were cancelled and refunded. The people I bought from has provided the ID to confirm on blockchain that it truly has been sent back, but its not showing in my transactions or in my balance. Also, I sent a few other payments, separate from the purchases above, and they're all stuck on zero confirmations. I think about 7 or 8 payments. I have the HD bitcoin account and inside that are 3 separate wallets, and the transactions were sent from 2 of the 3 wallets. I sent using the cheapest way, i think either 1 sat/byte or 18 sat/byte. I understand that transactions can't get lost or stolen or anything, so what exactly is happening here? How long will these transactions take to send? Once these transactions go through will the refunds I'm waiting on appear in my transactions? Is the reason the refunds are not showing is because of all these pending transactions stuck at zero confirmations? I've tried "bumping transaction", "rebroadcasting", and even "deleting transaction" but they dont really do anything. If I rebroadcast it just says "transaction sent". If I "delete", it just deletes it from the list but when I refresh it brings it back up. And when I "bump transaction" it says "Unable to build transaction". Do I just need to keep waiting? One transaction has been at zero confirmations for 3 days now, since the 26th. This is taking unusually long. I need some help from some professionals here. Thank you.
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