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Trading Bitcoin for fiat in the EU without KYC

This might sound like an ad, but I swear I just randomly found this… I've been trying to find exchanges and services which let you exchange Bitcoin for fiat without full KYC, and especially in the recent months it's been getting harder and harder. All the places that previously used to work (e.g. Kraken) stopped working recently. I never really tried to hide my identity on exchanges - it's almost impossible when fiat is involved anyway - and I used to be verified in a couple of places. But I'm just extremely uncomfortable sending my ID scans, selfies and who knows what else to some web service, which will surely store it forever, and might lose it later in some hack, and suddenly some teenager is taking a credit in my name using this info. For various reasons I also don't want to use the peer-to-peer exchanges where you trade directly with a random person. And one day I come across this: []( I tried it 2 times so far and it seems to work fine. The iOS app itself is shit in terms of UX (the top navigation bar scrolls together with the page, FFS…), but I got the transfers to my bank account, and I got them surprisingly quickly (sent BTC in the evening, got euros in the afternoon on the next day). Here's more info: []( It works with SEPA transfers, both ways, and the limit is apparently €5000 per day (!). They take around 1% fee, which I think is fairly good for a service of this kind (ATM fees are much higher). I don't know what law tricks they pulled, since they launched this recently when everyone else is restricting everything, but it might have something to do with being located in Switzerland I guess. Anyway, just wanted to share this since...
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