Toshi Tools - The Ultimate Trading Tool For Defi

Toshi Tools - The Ultimate Trading Tool For Defi


In Japanese, “Toshi” means to invest. A “Tool” is an instrument used to broaden an individual’s abilities. 

We are Toshi Tools, a group of savvy developers and successful traders that have identified a hole in the market. We have identified here is no platform up to our standard that allows users to view and track past investments, or to help with future decisions. 

A series of successful databases has allowed us to be in this current situation, of information overload. Starting with the blockchain. The blockchain is an ever-evolving distributed database that stores information in a highly secure and transparent way, making it impossible to alter or tamper with. Although the blockchain was a revolutionary innovation that has brought us far, its technical nature makes it difficult for users without cryptography or computer science knowledge to decipher the information. 

About Toshi

Toshi Tools was created as a new tool that displays a user’s crypto activity in an interchangeable and easy-to-read chart that ultimately can help users track their investments more efficiently.

The objective of integrating GPT-3 with Toshi, is to perform on-chain analysis around the clock.


The Toshi ecosystem of tools will be released in multiple stages, each building on the stage prior. Our first dApp is an essential tool for wallet data extraction.

Integration With AI

Toshi Tools that will expand and broaden the landscape of Web3 by using Open AI’s GPT-3 machine learning. This integration allows users to efficiently extract information from the blockchain using relevant parameters. Other database platforms like Etherscan do a tremendous job in extracting data from the blockchain and thereby making data viewable. However, the data extracted is not efficiently digested and confined in a manner that can be advantageous to users. 

To first understand the scale of what Toshi is set to execute, one must first understand the powers of OpenAI’s machine learning strength.

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