Today I got paid in Bitcoin for the first time and I feel great about it.


There's this colleague of mine who told me they have some Bitcoin while we were having a conversation during a coffee break. They had their Bitcoin on one of the well known exchanges and I explained them that Bitcoin on an exchange is the equivalent of fiat currency in a bank account. The usual "not your keys, not your coins", you know the drill.

Surprisingly, they knew that very well but they had been postponing the withdrawal because they were afraid that something could go wrong as they are way far from being a tech savvy person and easily scared to do anything that is not sending a message via WhatsApp or checking their emails. I offered to help but we didn't really manage to schedule a day and time to do this for various reasons up until last week.

This colleague came to my desk asking for help with some IT issues related to their company laptop and told me that they are going to leave the company in January to focus on a different career path as a freelancer. They said they wanted to hire me privately to teach them how to withdraw Bitcoin from the exchange, how to use a private wallet and they also want my technical support to tidy their whole digital life as they have been using the company devices for personal use for too long and they are now struggling to keep their personal accounts and their work accounts separate from each other. They were pretty serious about it and they even asked about my hourly rate as this is something that I was going to do outside office hours for obvious reasons.

Last weekend we met at their house for our first session and I made them create a 24-word seed phrase on BlueWallet. They wrote down the words on a piece of paper and I made them delete the wallet just to be sure they were able to recover it just in case. They typed the 24 words in BlueWallet and there was no issue so at that point I urged them to take a break, lock the phone and take the piece of paper away from the table. I went outside for a smoke, they went in another room and put the piece of paper in a safe place, and once back I guided them through the process of withdrawing their Bitcoin from the exchange. While waiting for the notification of the received funds, I showed them around the app and explained the various settings, the new receiving addresses that can be generated and so on. A couple minutes later the notification pops up and their Bitcoin is in their private wallet.

At this point we have to part ways because they have other people coming over and they ask me to send them my bank account so they can pay me for my service. While I am on my way home I send them a message to tell them that they can pay me in Bitcoin if they want and they say they are ok with it as long as we do this together in person as a first time.

Today we were both at the office and they came to my desk to pay me. I generated the receiving address on my phone, made them scan the QR code, set the lowest fee, and in few minutes, my dear toxic maximalist plebs (LOL), I got my first payment in Bitcoin.

I am now a private IT consultant for a Bitcoiner that pays me in Bitcoin. What a time to be alive.

Keep stacking sats.