Toby (@T0byb0t) - Yet another Bitcoin block bot on Twitter

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Hi everyone! Please checkout a [Twitter bot]( I have worked on recently that tweets summary images for Bitcoin block/blockgroups. The bot tracks time in Earth days using Bitcoin protocol's native reference of 10mins/block, aka BlockTime. All tweets are back and forward linked to the respective block/blockgroups creating a [#Tweetchain]( All data, except for current BTC:USD price, is gathered from my full node over RPC. There are 5 kinds of image summaries and here are links to the recent ones with their description: 1. Every new block, i.e 10mins on average (Eg: BlockHeight [#744089]( 2. Every 144 blocks, i.e 24hrs on average (Eg. BlockHeight [#743904 - #744047]( 3. Every 1008 blocks, i.e 7days on average (Eg. BlockHeight [#742896 - #743903]( 4. Every 2016 blocks, i.e 14days on average (Eg. BlockHeight [#741888 - #743903]( 5. Every 4320 blocks, i.e 30days on average (Eg. BlockHeight [#734400 - #738719]( Higher resolution images [here]( Thanks 🙏!