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To those asking if you should buy now...

If you’re asking if you should buy now you’re not going to buy anyway. When price goes up you’ll say you should have bought the last time you asked and will ask again if you should buy now. You won’t. When it dips you’ll be too scared to buy because you’ll think it will dip more and you won’t buy. When it comes raging back to all time highs you will repeat this cycle. To the rest of you. Cheers!
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Who Bought Over 12k Bitcoin On Coinbase?

Greetings heisters, BitcoinFrom Aug 2020 – Oct 2020 approximately 300k BTC was taken off the exchanges available reserve (buying demand). We went from 2.7mm –> 2.4mm BTC on exchanges in 3 months. It w...
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The Bitcoin Bubble Myth

What if the Bitcoin price isn’t random at all? We explore new data that suggests Bitcoin may be cyclical and predictable.
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Lightning arrived on Okcoin

The Bitcoin Lightning Network is live on OKCoin — here's a guide to using Lightning to deposit and withdraw BTC with OKCoin.
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Amazon going to crypto

It will allow developers within Ethereum to have a better general time in the creation of automatic software upgrades, general application.