'Timechain' - a Bitcoin movie

23D Ago
Hi folks, I contacted the mods asking if they knew someone who might like to give feedback on a script, and they kindly suggested I open the discussion up to the community. With a background in film production, and finance a pretty serious hobby, I tumbled down the bitcoin rabbit hole hard in 2019. For the last six months I've been working on the screenplay for 'Timechain' with a wonderful director from Hong Kong. She really helped focus the story on two sisters trying to reconnect after several years apart. Main plot: Jessica, late 20s, is kicked out of the British Army, and returns to the family home in the English countryside. Her younger sister, Kate, early 20s, felt abandoned by Jessica when their parents died six years before: Jessica dealt with the loss by running away from everything. Kate was left alone to finish school and power through a law degree while working side jobs. She just accepted a job in London: the last thing she needs is her sister's drama destroying the life she built for herself. Subplots: 1) Jessica is offered a professional lifeline by the British intelligence community who recognise she has alot to offer, despite struggling with alcohol dependency. 2) When Jessica returns home she charges up an old phone to discover a voicemail from someone who found her late father's comments on a bitcoin discussion thread from late 2010. The caller offered to help her retrieve any bitcoin that might be on an old computer. Both sisters could use the money, so the voicemail sparks a journey of discovery for them. The climax of the movie involves a home invasion in which Kate is held hostage and Jessica's military background comes in very handy. There's a twist at the end which provides a resolution for both Jessica and Kate in different ways. My main priority is for 'Timechain' to be authentic and enjoyable for the bitcoin community, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on the story before we go into pre-production. What do you want to see in the movie? What should be avoided? What music might be cool in a film like this? Thank you for reading so far. Best wishes, Henry Murray-Smith (Producer)