Time is the most scarce resource in existence. Should it be spent gathering more resources? Or should it be spent leisurely?


I'm 24 and starting to realize my time on earth is limited.

An 80 year life is 30,000 days. If I've lived 1/3 of my life already, that means I have 20,000 days left on earth.

Should those 20,000 days be spent pursuing other assets? (Job, education, relationship, financial stability, etc)? Or should it be spent on pleasure? (YouTube, restaurants, events, camping/hiking, etc)?

If a combination of the two, what is the perfect ratio?

Assuming each day is 16 hours after 8 hours of sleep, 16×20000 that's 320,000 conscious hours left.

How many of those hours should I trade at my job?

What exactly should I be doing with these hours? What do you do?