Thought my 1st ASIC purchase costs from China to the UK would be useful as an FYI.

self.Bitcoin11d ago
I very recently bought 2 Avalon A1126 Pros from Canaan directly. They are based in China and the current sale prices were worth a punt for me so I went for it: The total calculated costs are below: 2 x A1126 $1,320.00 USD Subtotal: $2,640.00 USD Shipping Charges & Insurance: $530.38 USD Total: $3,170.38 USD (approx £2577 GBP) Import fees once reaching the UK: UPS brokerage £12.74 Government charges: £509.69 Total £522.43 Grand total: £3099.43 So the total charges at customs worked out at about 20% of the total purchase + shipping cost. For those that have done this before, is that it? I am hoping that’s all of it and I don’t receive any surprise bills later 🙏.