This is war.


Or at least it could be.

It's mind blowing that bitcoin has finally given humanity a way to peacefully but effectively protest their government (or, more precisely, the elites who own and control it).

Voting (ie: choosing between a giant pile of garbage and an even bigger pile of garbage) is meaningless if the elite can just pay off both sides. You really think the likes of Elon, Jamie, and Jeff can't own more than one political candidate? News flash: they own them all. The two party system in many countries isn't an accident. It's simply the cheapest, most efficient system for the elite to stay in power (only two parties to buy and control versus three, four, five, etc) while giving the masses the illusion of choice and tasty wedge issues of no material consequence to "fight" about amongst themselves. Like children choosing between cleaning their room or going to bed, but none of our choices are in our best interest at all.

The thing that is even more mind blowing though, is that the very people who are trapped in this system can't see it. The distraction is so great, the illusion so powerful, and the dissonance so strong that most people still prefer to be cattle, literally generating yield their whole lives for the global elite in exchange for cheap, useless, material trinkets and toys. They truly think that this is the road to happiness and a fulfilled life.

LifeTM, brought to you by Amazon, JP Morgan, Facebook, and Tesla.

Many of you reading this in a bitcoin sub will understand what I am saying, but many will see these words and still only be capable of seeing bitcoin as a way to make more fiat. You want to get fiat rich. You want to buy more things. You want a slightly nicer cell in the prison your overlords have created for you. Yes, you. I'm talking to you.

Please listen. Put down your CNN. Put down your Fox News. Your very life depends on it.

The fiat system is evil. The fiat system enslaves you. The fiat system exists to keep you distracted and not thinking for yourself.

Buy bitcoin to exit the fiat system. Not to make fiat gains. The fact that you have bought bitcoin and are reading this means that you are so close to finally getting it. The value of bitcoin lies not in it's ability to make fiat gains but in its ability to remove your yield and your life's energy from the grasp of the few hundred monsters on this earth that are slowly and methodically killing you. When you buy bitcoin, you are waging war against these people without violence. Money is both their biggest weapon and, by extension, their biggest and only weakness.

And before you dismiss what I am saying for being anti-capitalist, or communist, know that I personally have nothing against wealth disparity. I am personally very much in favor of a meritocracy. Bitcoin isn't going to lead to some Marxist utopia. It will simply force a more level playing field, whereby the ultra wealthy won't be able to create their own rules and print themselves more money when they make bad investments anymore. They won't be able to steal from our future selves via inflation and endless deficit spending. They won't be able to finance killing millions of poor people in other countries to steal their natural resources. Buying political influence will be finite and actually cost something again.

Please wake up. You are still in the dream if you only want more fiat.

Free yourself. This is what bitcoin can truly do for the world.

Join the war.