This is the power of Bitcoin.


This is the power of Bitcoin.

Under this title, I made a post a few days ago in r/CryptoCurrency, but it was deleted by the moderators.

Today I will re-post it here.

Yemen is the home of the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet as result of the war, corruption and the deadly siege imposed by the Saudi-led coalition since 2015. According to UN reports, there are 19 million Yemenis suffering from food insecurity.

But, thanks to the generous donations we received in Bitcoin, we were able to break the siege and overcome orgs corruption by providing food packages for more than 550 families and installed 5 water tanks in 5 neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, due to the continuation of the siege, lack of humanitarian aid, unemployment, poverty and high prices, the situation is going worse day by day.

Now, we're trying to help 200 families who are struggling everyday to find a meal, by providing them with food packages.

Each food package costs 83$, that can lasts for about a month. 25 kilos of flour. 10 kilos of rice. 4 liters of oil. 8 cans of beans.

If you would like to participate please send btc to this address:


Thank You.

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