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This dip is hard proof that we are still early in Bitcoin.

**This dip is hard proof that we are still early in Bitcoin.** Many people still don't understand that Bitcoin is king of all assets and those with Bitcoin are still early. How do we know this? The fact that people are selling, and selling because of mostly the same FUD we've heard since the dawn of Bitcoin. FUD such as China says X, US politician says Y and some bi-polar billionaire says BTC destroys the planet whilst holding $1.5b worth. If anyone thinks Bitcoin is going to <$10,000 and will vanish off the face of the Earth does not understand Bitcoin and does not care about protecting themselves from tyrants, inflation amongst many other things. **As someone who has a fairly large amount of their net worth in Bitcoin, am I surprised by this dip?** At first, I'll admit, I was quite shocked. We've seen more institutions hop on Bitcoin, like Microstrategy, which refuses to sell a single Satoshi despite this dip. We've seen billionaire gold bugs like [Ray Dalio announcing he has Bitcoin]( My thought was, how are billionaires and large institutions buying Bitcoin but we are still seeing this dip? However the answer is quite obvious when I look outside of the circle of educated people I follow on social media for their thoughts on Bitcoin I see many of the clickbaity, get-rich-quick videos [when searching Bitcoin on YouTube]( and the XRP twitter cults, which encourage people to see the whole of cryptocurrency as a get-rich-quick scheme... no, I can't say I'm that surprised that weak hands are selling, because they only bought BTC to get rich within a week. I'm backing up the truck, working hard than ever to get income flowing and buying this dip so I don't regret not having enough again for the next, (imo) inevitable bull run. If Bitcoin has taught people anything, it's to be patient. **Remember**, [t...
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