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This aged well: Woman divorces husband for reading r/Bitcoin (aka cult of clueless idiots) and HODLing too much BTC... in 2014. Get ready to laugh.. extremely entertaining read.

I remember reading an old r/relationships post about a woman who was furious at her husband for his "cult like" belief in bitcoin and mocked him for thinking he was "in at the ground floor". She goes off on a diatribe and mocks him every chance he gets for his "foolish" beliefs and how he spends his money on buying and holding bitcoin... she consider any bitcoin that he holds to be "lost money". I actually saved this when I read it back years ago to see one day how it would age... man talk about the worlds biggest I told you so. She had zero faith and respect in her husband. I hope he has a garage full of lambos in his giant mansion. Here are some of the highlights snipped for your own entertainment: \------- ​ "My husband (I'll call him John for the sake of anonymity) and I have been married for a little over 5 years now and everything has been going well up until a year or so ago. We were planning on having children and everything. Now my life feels like it is at a complete stand still." Skip to 2013... " We are both avid redditors so when we find a new subreddit that we love we get excited and start sending each other links to see if we can get the other one interested He finds out about bitcoin and is sending me links constantly about it. (r/bitcoin) It goes from "check out this cool technology" to absolute cultish behavior in a very brief period. I would say 0-100 in probably 2 months. He starts taking every dime we have and buying them as quickly as he can. **He actually set up a feature that BUYS MORE ON A WEEKLY BASIS** after our paychecks come through. The worst part is he didn't even TELL ME he did this. He gave me this arrogant response about doing what's best for us and our future kids. Overall, and I'm not exaggerating, I would say **we have lost over $22,000.** I kept telling him to sell as the price was rising and he promised me a big year in 2014. **The price kept falling and he CONTINUED TO BUY MORE.** He makes more money than I d...
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