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Think somebody can guess or accidentally get your seed phrase? Nope, and I’ll prove it with free money.

I see quite a few posts/comments regularly from people wondering if a 24 word seed phrase can be guessed, hacked, brute forced, etc. So here's a simple proposition: **I'll give you a chance at free money.** Don't believe me? Here's the challenge... **I've deposited 10,000 sats into a wallet. You get to guess the seed phrase.** To make it even easier, **I'm going to give you ALL of the words.** That's right, I'm literally going to give you ALL of the seed words, in random order, for your guessing pleasure. **Here they are:** chalk mimic crane marriage oxygen hood million clerk demand effort grid afford floor force december immense damp toss assume present retire cream clinic gown All 24 of them right there. But there's not actually BTC in there right? **WRONG**. Go ahead and check the balance [HERE]( You've even got the zpub there to see all addresses for the wallet. I'm not shitting you. The words are there. The free BTC is there. Just go and get it right? RIGHT? \-------------------------------------------------- **Now, if you want to find out why you're going to fail miserably at this, keep reading...** Why is it near (and I mean neeeaaarrr) impossible for someone to be randomly assigned your words, or to be guessed by somebody else? To find out, let's start with a worst case scenario, a head start if you will: **Somebody knows all of your 24 words, but not the exact order of them.** You might think that's an INSANE advantage right? Let's see... To find out how many ways you can order 24 words, we can use a factorial. A factorial is simply multiplying a number by all of the numbers below it, denoted by a "!" after the number. 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24 So what's the factorial of 24?... 24! = 24 x 23 x 22 x 21... = **~620,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.** That is **620 sextillion unique ways to or...
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