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There's a million bitcoin podcasts but which ones are actually worth listening to? I'll point out the ones that I've looked into, but I'm wondering if there's some I've missed.

I'm not particularly interested in podcasts that are petty or spend a lot of effort in creating conspiracies. I'm moderately interested in the politics as long as they are being somewhat secular and non tribal. I'm also interested in podcasts where they delve into technical stuff and are pretty knowledgeable. I have a huge affinity for irreverence. I loved bitcoin uncensored in the past because they just didn't give a fuck and they mocked everything, while at the same time had a pretty deep understanding of how the technology works. They also weren't afraid to say something that didn't tow the line and weren't afraid to be controversial. I'll give a few examples of podcasts that I'm listening to and ones that I'm avoiding currently. Junseth's World: The show is quite entertaining, though some I don't really care as much for the generalized politics that they talk about. That said the hosts are entertaining, they generally know what they are talking about and they discuss the stuff that I find interesting for the most part. The stuff they go deep on is stuff that is generally true and they talk about things that I don't see talked about in other places. For example the fallacy of more energy efficient mining. The implications of having mining come to your area. The generalized economics that they discuss is all very interesting. This is probably my favorite podcast in the space but it isn't as good as bitcoin uncensored was. Derose uncensored: I'm generally a fan of chris's position of being a secular bitcoiner, but he's gone off the rails a bit since bitcoin uncensored fell apart. It's ironic because he used to really hate going into areas that he called a "science free zone". Now he spends almost all of his time there and the sheer volume of farts in his content is absolutely noxious. He spends a lot of time talking to people who have just entered the space and who aren't even worth listening to. It also seems quite clear to me that he goes into these discussion...
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Tom Lee: Trump to take Bitcoin past $40k

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