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There's a million bitcoin podcasts but which ones are actually worth listening to? I'll point out the ones that I've looked into, but I'm wondering if there's some I've missed.

I'm not particularly interested in podcasts that are petty or spend a lot of effort in creating conspiracies. I'm moderately interested in the politics as long as they are being somewhat secular and non tribal. I'm also interested in podcasts where they delve into technical stuff and are pretty knowledgeable. I have a huge affinity for irreverence. I loved bitcoin uncensored in the past because they just didn't give a fuck and they mocked everything, while at the same time had a pretty deep understanding of how the technology works. They also weren't afraid to say something that didn't tow the line and weren't afraid to be controversial. I'll give a few examples of podcasts that I'm listening to and ones that I'm avoiding currently. Junseth's World: The show is quite entertaining, though some I don't really care as much for the generalized politics that they talk about. That said the hosts are entertaining, they generally know what they are talking about and they discuss the stuff that I find interesting for the most part. The stuff they go deep on is stuff that is generally true and they talk about things that I don't see talked about in other places. For example the fallacy of more energy efficient mining. The implications of having mining come to your area. The generalized economics that they discuss is all very interesting. This is probably my favorite podcast in the space but it isn't as good as bitcoin uncensored was. Derose uncensored: I'm generally a fan of chris's position of being a secular bitcoiner, but he's gone off the rails a bit since bitcoin uncensored fell apart. It's ironic because he used to really hate going into areas that he called a "science free zone". Now he spends almost all of his time there and the sheer volume of farts in his content is absolutely noxious. He spends a lot of time talking to people who have just entered the space and who aren't even worth listening to. It also seems quite clear to me that he goes into these discussions trying to manipulate the discussion and trying to push a position rather than trying to learn anything. I'll only listen/watch his content if there's a very specific topic or a very specific person on that I find interesting. It's not that great. Noded: They go off a bit into the tribalist nonsense that I don't find very interesting or productive but they are entertaining and have highly technical people on their podcast all the time and they discuss the things that I find interesting. On the whole this show is great. Tone Vays: I almost didn't want to bring this guy up just because he is such a fucking moron. He has no idea what he is talking about. He's an astrologer at his core spreading absolute bullshit about reading his tea leaves. It is absolute bottom feeder content that appeals to newbies and naive people. He also is VERY non-technical and makes it very obvious to anyone who knows anything about the space that he has no idea what he is talking about technically. He says things that are absolutely wrong constantly and when he talks to people with opposing views he almost always loses because of how unknowledgeable he is. He makes a lot of appeal to authority. He makes a lot of circular arguments. This guys content is the absolute worst. WCN/Bitcoin group: This is usually just a panel of people who have no idea what they are talking about and is generally uninsteresting. They also aren't very funny or entertaining. Blocktime with Michael Tidwell, Paul Sztorc, Michael B Casey and I forget the last guy: Back when they were making podcasts they were great. It's really unfortunate they stopped making these. They all were pretty knowledgable and had a pretty good understanding of how bitcoin worked. It was funny and insightful but for whatever reason they stopped coming out. Jimmy Song: He comes out with some long for content/podcasts from time to time that on the whole is pretty good. He's pretty technically knowledgeable and for the most part seems to avoid tribalistic fallacies and drana and argues things based on their merit from his perspective. Shinobi/JW/Block Digest:These guys are as tribalistic and conspiratorial as they come. I find these guys very difficult to listen to because of this BUT they are generally technically knowledgable, they come out fairly consistently and they discuss the day to day goings on in the bitcoin ecosystem. They also from time to time have something insightful to say. I very begrudgingly listen to this podcast most of the time due to there not being anything better that comes out frequently and keeps me up on the week to week goings on in the space. I would enjoy their content much more if they would stop weaving fabulous unfounded conspiracies about other actors in the space. Extrapolating intentions of people, companies, and projects that make absolutely no sense if you even put a modest amount of thought into it. I mean why weave some magical conspiracy about someone's intention being evil or nefarious when it could very easily be described as just being naive or stupid. Not everyone is a fucking super villain. Not every project is a secret plan to try to destroy bitcoin or undermine the ecosystem. Doug Polk: This guy is pretty entertaining. He is very non-technical, but isn't afraid to admit it. The people he has on his show can be pretty hit or miss. A lot of the time it's just one of his buddies he invites on the show who is even more clueless than doug is, and those shows can be real stinkers, but sometimes he has interesting people on and the discussion can be quite interesting. Richard Heart:This guy is interesting. For what it's worth I think he's a total scammer and a bit of an asshole. He's proclaimed he is going to create atleast 2 scams and outright said he's doing it solely for the money, not to actually contribute to the ecosystem. He's also into a bit of the woo woo technical analysis bullshit. That said he's had some of the most epic and entertaining rants in the space. When he interviews people with his skepticism hat on he can be spot on and those shows are great. Let's Talk Bitcoin: These shows on the whole are okay. Sometimes they discuss stuff that is interesting and sometimes they discuss stuff that is stupid. Andreas on the whole is great. Adam on the whole is okay. He is a bit naive. Stephany just seems like a token female to me. She doesn't seem to contribute much interesting to the discussion and doesn't seem to know too much about the technicals or even what is going on in the space. She seems generally uninterested in bitcoin. That's not to diminish her as a person as she is a smart person and has her expertise outside of the space. I've listened to a lot of her content over the years and she is quite knowledgable and has insightful things to say about a number of things, but bitcoin just doesn't seem to be one of those things. I think she's lost interest in the space as it's become more mainstream, and she's even said as such. They are also generally a bunch of fence sitters and wait for controversial or contentious things to be derisked before they take a position. Also they seem to record content in advance which can be quite obvious when they have a show come out like 2-3 weeks after an even has happened and they are talking about it. This stuff can be time sensitive and ephemeral and after a week or 2 all that can be said on a topic has already been said. Andreas in general is great and everyone should watch his videos. He's quite technically savvy, appeals to a large audience and covers plenty of interesting topics. That's all of the stuff that I'm aware of(unless I'm just forgetting something.). I'm always desperate for more though. I listen to podcasts all the time as I can listen to them at work and while I'm out and about so I can never have too many. Are there any people in the space or podcasts that I am missing? I can't get enough GOOD bitcoin content.
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