There is nothing more powerful on earth than an idea whose time has come.


This Victor Hugo quote may be the embodiment of my feelings on bitcoin.

We live in a world where freedoms are rapidly being eroded by oligarchs/governments (hint: they are the two sides of the same coin) that seek to FARM US for our yield and attention span until we die.

Until bitcoin, and with a near perfect system of control and distraction in place, this was essentially our fate. Sure, we could have decided, as some unfortunately have needed to, to sacrifice our lives or what little remaining well-being we have to "protest" a heavily militarized and insulated opponent. But this was essentially the equivalent of using sticks and stones versus an M1 Abrams tank or Apache helicopter. It ain't gonna work folks, and you are only harming yourselves with this approach.

Bitcoin weaponizes money and the power, irony, and hubris of it couldn't more singularly delicious. It leverages the very tools meant to control us most (ie: the internet and the global financial system) against the monsters that seek to further enslave us.

Someone once said that bitcoin's only flaw is that people are stupid. This is a very real and scary observation. Those in a gilded cage often cannot see the cage at all, even as the cage becomes less gilded and more like an actual prison over time. Humanity is the frog being slowly boiled. Similarly to the character of Neo in the matrix, however, eventually the veil becomes too thin, the water too hot, or the greed of the elite too great (like committing a $6T theft via inflation during the pandemic) for the illusion to maintain itself.

More and more people are waking up to the fact that bitcoin is the very essence of freedom. Better yet, it is a mirror or lens through which we can see and begin to question all the other systems of control that somehow we have just come to accept and ignore. This process is not linear and sometimes discouraging. For instance, watching people squabble about whether they will get fiat rich in the process is absolutely %$#%$# pathetic to those with awareness of what is actually at stake.

So yeah, this post is not for you if you are hoping for more fiat, more useless stuff, or a slightly bigger cell in the prison you currently live in. Bitcoin doesn't care. Bitcoin is the giant killer.

It is an idea whose time has come.