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There are over 200 exchanges but less than 100 Electrum servers

To be precise: 96 Electrum servers of which 21 over TOR. The [site]( that lists all Electrum servers hasn't even updated since April. This is not good! Electrum is a great wallet for many (starting) Bitcoin users but it needs servers to provide the balances (by providing the Merkle trees). An Electrum wallet is a reasonably safe wallet, as described in the Bitcoin white paper: **8 Simplified Payment Verification** It is possible to verify payments without running a full network node. A user only needs to keep a copy of the block headers of the longest proof-of-work chain, which he can get by querying network nodes until he's convinced he has the longest chain, and obtain the Merkle branch linking the transaction to the block it's timestamped in. He can't check the transaction for himself, but by linking it to a place in the chain, he can see that a network node has accepted it,and blocks added after it further confirm the network has accepted it.
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As I was reading about the 'Gibson Paradox' the underlying mechanism that drives up the value of savings in a free market economy, & how central banks have co opted this mechanism since abandoning Bretton Woods, it occurred to me Hodlers are the only true 'savers' left in this fiat system.

"It has only been buried, because manufacturing has become a minor part of the modern economy. The saver is euthanised, and private sector wealth has become overly-dependent on financial speculation.....
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Best Bitcoin wallet

before be start investing in bitcoin we always have a question that what is the best bitcoin wallet in india click the above link to know mo
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Unocoin installs first Bitcoin ATM in India

India gets its first bitcoin ATM kiosk in Bengaluru amid question mark on future of virtual currency, reports news18 website. The validity of cryptocurre