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The thesis for Bitcoin's business miracle

The thesis for Bitcoin’s business miracle is rooted in the handful of years that this thing operated with effectively no competition. Bitcoin has nearly a decade head start in crypto as other players like banks, altcoins or governments have under-invested in the space. Note: "Effectively no competition": maybe Visa and Mastercard, an gov fiat competes on the medium of exchange side, and gold/art on the store of value side, but the technology gap and the principles are quite different, so it is not direct and complete competition. Bitcoin, in my opinion, has the first mover advantage and is unique. Bitcoin is King in this space and an elephant in the room.
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New EU crypto law set to boost mainstream crypto adoption

As the new EU crypto law comes into effect following the implementation of ‘Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive’ (AMLD5), the sector will receive a much-awaited push in the region. As per the new re...
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Bitcoin Rapid-Fire: Rapid-Fire: Jeff Vandroux

Jeff Vandroux is an attorney, CPA, bodybuilder, BTCPayServer Contributor, and the founder of Keykeeper IRA. I came to know Jeff via his discussion with Marty Bent on the Tales from the Crypt Podcast. ...