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The Purpose of Bitcoin Appears to be to provide an alternative to the fiat debt slavery monetary system.

Bitcoin emerged at the time of the GFC which had shown how flawed our current fiat monetary system is. Bitcoin enables everyone who chooses to to hold their cash in a different network where monetary issuance is strictly controlled in a predetermined way. Bitcoin issuance cannot be manipulated by central bankers, private bankers or governments. Thereby if you choose to place your trust and cash in Bitcoin there is some certainty you and your cash savings are not going to be debased by bankers and politicians. Bitcoin has proven very successful as a digital native money that treats all citizens of the world equally, without fear or favour. BTC does not care if you are libertarian, Communist, Quaker, Queer or Pagan. Bitcoin treats all people equally and fairly. There is no guarantee Bitcoin will 'succeed' (depending on how success is defined) as powerful forces do see it as competition. China has tried to ban Bitcoin as China seeks to introduce its own digital currency. China with an autocratic authoritarian government probably sees Bitcoin as a threat to its global ambitions of increased internationalisation of the digital Yuan. The USA might also increase regulatation of Bitcoin, it has the record of banning private custody of gold in the 1930s so there is no guarantee the US government might not apply a similar sanction on Bitcoin. So if you invest in Bitcoin realise their are risks but also realise that you are investing in a superior monetary system that so far has succeeded to a huge degree on many parameters. If only measured on raising awareness about the nature of and problems with the current monetary sytsem Bitcoin has already succeeded greatly. Bitcoin is not a guaranteed investment to make you rich but it is guaranteed to provide the possibility of a monetary system with integrity as an alternative to the highly manipulated fiat system. If you want to be part of the solution and response to the fiat debt slavery monetary system Bitcoin might be se...
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