The most private to buy and self custody Bitcoin


Hi guys, I’m finally running my own Bitcoin full node with Umbrel :)

I want to store BTC in a non-custodial way on BitBox02 hardware wallet (BTC only edition) because it’s pretty easy to connect to Electrum Server (also on Umbrel). There’s no simple way to connect your Bitcoin node via Ledger - though I don’t want to use the SatStack workaround.

Which Bitcoin desktop wallet would you guys recommend? Ideally I want something that has a good reputation and privacy features. I heard that Electrum or Sparrow wallet is a good choice?

I’m not using a mobile wallet for BTC but still I’d like want to take a closer look at the Lighting Network. I need a iOS wallet which I can play around with and which is able to connect to my Lightning node (LN).

I used to buy BTC on CEXs. Can you recommend any (decentralized) P2P exchanges like Bisq or RoboSats?

Installed apps for Bitcoin are the Bitcoin node itself, Bitfeed/mempool and Electrum Server.

Installed apps for Lightning are the Lightning node itself, Lightning Terminal, BlueWallet, LNBits, LnVisualizer, Ride The Lightning and Thunderhub.

Thanks in advance for your help.