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The More You Understand the Why of Bitcoin, the Less Likely You Are to Buy Altcoins

The More You Understand the Why of Bitcoin, the Less Likely You Are to Buy Altcoins

Only Bitcoin really matters.

The majority of people enter the cryptocurrency world via Bitcoin. This makes total sense, because for the general public Bitcoin = Cryptocurrency = Blockchain.

Bitcoin has its anteriority as well as the fact that it is the unique invention at the origin of the cryptocurrency industry to which a whole bunch of actors has joined since 2009.

Thus, Bitcoin is the preferred choice of all beginners. This allows Bitcoin to have much greater liquidity than any other cryptocurrency on the market.

The reasons that motivate all these beginners to buy Bitcoin for the first time are mostly financial. They are investors from the world of traditional finance who decided to discover a new asset that has posted a return of +9,000,000% over the past decade.

Many make the mistake of not deepening their knowledge after the first purchase of Bitcoin

After the first purchase in Bitcoin, many make the mistake of stopping there. These people do not seek to dig any further to understand the why of Bitcoin.

If you make that mistake, you will never realize how essential Bitcoin is for the world of the future.

Therefore, chances are you will become impatient when the Bitcoin price is in a phase of stagnation or consolidation. It all depends on your interpretation. I can understand the astonishment of some people.

They come to the Bitcoin world having heard that volatility is king. And then, instead of rebounds in the Bitcoin price, they realize that the volatility of Bitcoin has been restricted over very limited periods.

You could see this in the summer of 2020. The Bitcoin price stagnated for a long time between $9K and $9.5K before within a few hours everything changed so that the Bitcoin price moved into the $11K — $12K range. And then, the flat calm lasted for more than a month practically.

People w...

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