The more I have to deal with my bank the more I see the value in BTC

self.Bitcoin1m ago
Lately I've been having all kinds of issues with a bank I've been doing business with for almost 20yrs. This began early this year when the bank began charging "monthly maintenance fees" of $25 for each account. I have several accounts I use for different things and I was getting hit in all of them at different times. Each time I get charged I would need to take time out of my day to contact the bank, tell them I meet all the requirements to not be charged their maint. fee and eventually they would remove them. Sometimes it would be several emails until it was removed and each time I was assured it would never happen again, but it kept happening for months and months. I finally had enough of the BS and walked into the bank to close all my accounts. The CS person I was dealing with at the bank was sympathetic to my situation and was able to adjust my account so I would never see another charge again. That was 3 months ago and I can say I haven't had any problems since... on that issue. THe latest thing is now they're holding deposits for an extended period of time to "review" them. WTF that means I have no clue. The accounts they're doing this on see regular deposits of personal checks for rent and also has withdraws for expenses. Instead of a rent check taking 24-48 hrs to clear, they're now saying its going to take 2 weeks to clear and they won't tell me why the sudden change. Its not like there is no money in the account either, there is more than 10x the amount of the check I am depositing, but that doesn't mean anything to them. This is total bullshit and just another example of how fucking broken our financial banking system is. /rant