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The Lack of Long-Term Vision Is What Prevents Many People From Entering the Bitcoin Revolution

The Lack of Long-Term Vision Is What Prevents Many People From Entering the Bitcoin Revolution

Many are unable to project themselves at 10, 20, or 30 years.

Being able to make the right decisions in the present with a long-term view of things is an extremely rare quality in human beings. Indeed, humans tend to be relatively bad at understanding things that are very distant in terms of scale or time.

Many people need to see the consequences of events that some had predicted to realize that a change should have been made long before.

In the past, I have compared Bitcoin skeptics to global warming skeptics. Some people have told me that they are Bitcoiners and yet they are skeptics of global warming.

I don’t have a problem with their answer, because the opinions of both, when calmly expressed, are always interesting to listen to.

Many people need to see the consequences before acting

In spite of this, I still believe that Bitcoin skeptics are comparable to those who remain skeptical about global warming.

All the climatic events that are hitting the world more and more closely seem to change the opinions of many skeptics. All those people who find it difficult to take a long-term view finally change their minds when the consequences occur in the present.

With Bitcoin, the same thing happens and will happen in the coming years.

Throughout the rise of Bitcoin over the past decade, Bitcoiners have been warning the general public of the flaws of the current system. A system in which the only answer to all the ills of the economy is to print even more fiat money out of thin air cannot be sustainable.

The current monetary and financial system suffers from seven deadly sins that will eventually cause its loss sooner or later.

The flaws of the current system have more and more consequences on our present

The original sin that is infinite monetary inflation of fiat currencies induces the following ...

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