The humanitarian impact of bitcoin

The humanitarian impact of bitcoin

Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis on earth due to the war and siege. More than 370,000 people were killed, five million were displaced, and 90 percent of the infrastructure was destroyed, in addition, millions of people are starving.

This video summarizes what is happening in Yemen and displays some of the humanitarian projects that we have accomplished using bitcoin. "my Reddit username is printed on the signs"

However, Yemen still need your help now more than ever.

So, once again we ask you to stand with us in this humanitarian mission and help us alleviate the suffering of the needy.

Why now?

The economy has collapsed, the local currency has been crushed,

*The Saudi-Emirati-led coalition is preventing the entry of humanitarian aid.

*Most of the organizations cut about half of the aid to Yemen because of the Ukraine war.

*The lives of millions of Yemenis are at stake, according to the United Nations, up to 19 million Yemenis are food insecure, and a child dies every ten minutes.

Who do we help?

The most affected families by the war "the displaced, the elderly, widows, orphans and children."

What aid do we provide and how much does it cost?

Due to the limited support, we are providing food packages.

The price of each package is about $65. "Prices are not stable and depend on the political situation."

Each package contains:

25 kilos of flour.

10 kilos of rice.

5 liters of oil.

12  tins of bean or 10 kilos of sugar.

How can people help?

The only way is by bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin?

*The Saudi-Emirati-led coalition allows only the entry of a small amount of aid, most of which is expired.

* Donation platforms do not support Yemen.

* It's faster than any other payment method and aid can be delivered right away.

Why us?

* We deliver aid directly to the needy.

* We always update donors with the results.

* You can see where your donation is going.

If you would like to participate, please send Bitcoin to this address.


*If there is a donor who would like his name to be printed on the sign, that's ok.

*All donation results will be posted here.