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The Federal Reserve Continues to Run the Best Marketing Campaign Ever for Bitcoin

The Federal Reserve Continues to Run the Best Marketing Campaign Ever for Bitcoin

The Fed is creating the conditions that will favor the upcoming Bitcoin Bull Run.

Each year, Jackson Hole, Wyoming is the site of the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium. The Federal Reserve hosts this economic symposium at the Jackson Lake Lodge each summer, where the heads of the world’s major central banks are invited.

Needless to say, the speeches delivered each year by the chair of the Fed at the Jackson Lake Lodge are scrutinized around the world.

The 2020 edition of the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium was held virtually, due to a coronavirus pandemic. In any case, Jerome Powell’s speech was eagerly awaited on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

The Fed has been conducting a monetary policy on an unprecedented scale since March 2020

It must be said that since March 2020, the Fed has been conducting a monetary policy on a scale never seen before. The goal of the Fed is to support the American economy in the face of the economic crisis that this coronavirus pandemic has triggered.

The Fed has thus lowered interest rates to zero. Donald Trump had been calling for this for many months, and the Fed finally gave in. As a reminder, the European Central Bank has had negative interest rates for several years now.

On March 23, 2020, the Fed then announced that it would conduct an unlimited quantitative easing program to support the U.S. economy no matter what. This has resulted in more than $3 trillion printed out of thin air in a matter of weeks.

The M2 Money Stock jumped, and the Fed’s Balance Sheet increased by the same amount to exceed $7 trillion for several weeks. At the time of writing, the Fed is the largest asset manager in the world ahead of BlackRock.

This allows the U.S. government to skyrocket the public debt

Taking advantage of this situation, Donald Trump continued to increase the American public debt to bring it beyond ...

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