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The end of "Fiat" and Bitcoin mass-adoption starting to happen.

Do you remember this [post about mass adoption 9 years ago]( ? Well, this is starting to happen right in front of our eyes. Check this out: [El Salvador president says]( >What has been called by international organizations as "The Bitcoin Experiment", is nothing more than the world watching how mass adoption changes a country’s economy. > >If it’s for the good, it’s game over for FIAT. > >El Salvador is the spark that ignites the real revolution. [And the third richest person in Mexico replies](*:* >The end of "Fiat" > >It's very necessary, but it will not be a pretty sight ​ Just wait until the "[Bitcoin bonds](" of El Salvador are sucessful and they can prove that they can borrow at a better interest rate without the IMF help. Then wait until other countries (specially those abused by the IMF) jump in. I'm buying lot of more Satoshis and enough pop-corns for the party.
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