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The decoupling is coming

The reason shitcoins have been rallying while bitcoin trends sideways is because right now it is a risk-on environment, as evidenced by stocks hitting all time highs. If bitcoin was a risk asset it would also be rallying. This might mean bitcoin is showing its first signs of shifting into the risk-off asset segment. This is what bitcoin should be doing. In preparation for further economic turmoil through the rest of 2020 and into 2021 bitcoin is morphing into a safe haven risk-off asset. As stock markets roll over later this year expect altcoins to fall alongside them while bitcoin rallies. The decoupling is at hand. Edit: some people see volatility and disregard the idea bitcoin could be a safe haven. Look at the charts, gold is rising in preparation for a huge bull market, silver is volatile but following gold, bitcoin is even more volatile but following silver. Just because silver tanked in march does not mean it won't follow gold to new all time highs, and similarly just because bitcoin tanked in march does not mean it won't follow silver to new all time highs. Gold will lead, silver will follow gold with more volatility, and bitcoin will follow silver with even more volatility. Gold will 5x, silver will 10x and bitcoin will 50x over the next 3 years.
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