The crypto exchange Superbowl commercials were a net negative for bitcoin adoption; Bitcoin needs a "Got Milk" type campaign

12D Ago
I think these advertisements (example - Fortune favors the brave with Matt Damon) confuse the average consumer. There is no underlying messaging of why crypto, specifically bitcoin, matter. These crypto exchange ads missed the mark terribly in an extremely superficial manner, IMO. What needs to be done is to highlight the potential paradigm shift we are seeing in how society and the underlying monetary system functions. Which brings me to my next point, has there ever been a concerted effort to develop and disseminate broad marketing for bitcoin specifically? A la the milk industry (got milk), the orange industry, beef industry, etc. If there hasn't, there should be. Maybe its in the form of a BTC Marketing DAO. Surely, with 4.6M reddit members, money could be raised to fuel a broad and effective marketing campaign to preach the good word of bitcoin and prepare the road for bitcoin's mass adoption. The marketing could include a Superbowl commercial/World Cup/other big events for broad coverage, guerilla marketing, and whatever else some smart marketing gurus there are in the bitcoin reddit community can think up. A better product doesn't get in the hands of consumers without marketing. What do ya think?