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THE BEST explanation about crypto in my opinion

How the Bitcoin protocol works and what blockchains are, from the viewpoint of stumbling into inventing your own cryptocurrency.

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If you're looking for the supplemental video about understanding just how big 2^256 is, I'm planning to put it out tomorrow. The basic idea is to get a feel for what 2^32 (about 4 billion) multiplied by itself 8 times feels like, building up to a comically absurd computer that would be needed to break 256-bit security. If you want to stay notified, feel free to subscribe: Continue on

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Video of Sending 饾煯,饾煬饾煬饾煬,饾煬饾煬饾煬 饾棪饾棶饾榿饾榾 ($饾煯饾煰饾煴) instantly across 饾煰 饾棻饾椂饾棾饾棾饾棽饾椏饾棽饾椈饾榿 Lightning wallets - Danny Scott on Twitter

More #Bitcoin #Lightning fun...Sending 饾煯,饾煬饾煬饾煬,饾煬饾煬饾煬 饾棪饾棶饾榿饾榾 ($饾煯饾煰饾煴) instantly across 饾煰 饾棻饾椂饾棾饾棾饾棽饾椏饾棽饾椈饾榿 Lightning wallets.鈥 Danny Scott (@CoinCornerDanny) August 6...
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Bitcoin is proving 'smart money' wrong again

Since it was created, Bitcoin鈥檚 aim has always been to prove traditional finance wrong. Now, it seems like this aim is being fulfilled. With every passing day, Bitcoin鈥檚 price is either holding firm, ...