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The Bankers are afraid of Bitcoin and Change it Brings. So They Spout FUD SPIN & LIES about Bitcoin Energy Use.

In Iceland Bitcoin mining monetises surplus geothermal output overnight and offpeak when it would otherwise be wasted. In Canada, Alaska and until recently Sichuan and Mongolia surplus hydro output has been monetised via Bitcoin mining- hydro water reserves which would otherwise be dumped unused have been given value via Bitcoin mining thus lowering the cost of overall production and lowering the cost of these renewables to other consumers. The same approach can be applied to solar and wind outputs seasonally and daily where surplus to grid demand can be monetisied via Bitcoin mining. The MSM banker FUD that Bitcoin is not environmentally responsible is BS spin. Bitcoin mining can in fact make most renewable energy generation systems MORE viable, efficient and profitable and thereby deliver lower cost renewable power to businesses and consumers by conveniently monetising surplus electricity production that would otherwise be wasted. How much of most industrial applications are currently powered by 100% renewable electricity? Are Teslas build and recharged with 100% renewable electricity? The banks use 2x more electric than Bitcoin. Gold mining uses 2x more energy than Bitcoin mining...probably mostly diesel! Source research see - [](
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