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Thanks Elon, im a HODLER now

So the past few months I did some stupid things. I had the chance in January to just buy a full coin and chill out but I didn't. OFC Fomo hit me hard after that and I bought like half a coin. I traded A LOT until May and thought I could work my way up there to owning a full coin, that was the goal. However, I also knew that I would have to pay taxes some day. I bought in one day before the "crash" and elons tweets, so I was down bad. So, I told myself that this could be a chance, a sign from god. If I sold with a HUGE loss, i would realize my losses and break even with my winnings, so I would not have to worry about taxes. I would be at my starting point but maybe I could be able to afford the whole coin. So I did exactly that. I joined the 21 Million Club baby and moved that shit directly to my ledger. Lesson definetely learned, I wont touch that shit. No trading anymore. No money or bitcoins on any wallet anymore, its all stored in a safe place for when I need the money. So I just wanted to thank Elon Musk for the opportunity. Have a good one everybody!
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