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thank you to bitcoin devs

thank you for keeping the high moral ground. thank you szabo finney back thank you lightning thank you to devs who contribute to Core software that anyone can contribute to thank you to the real pillars of the BTC community, the nobodies thank you to cypherpunks thank you UASF thank you NO2X
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What is a fan token and how do they work?

In the blockchain world, the word ‘token’ and ‘coin’ are often bandied about. But what are tokens, how do they differ from coins, and how can you ‘use’ a token? A cryptocurrency is often referred to…
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Bitcoin Is Worse Is Better - Blog post by gwern

2011 essay on how Bitcoin's long gestation and early opposition indicates it is an example of the 'Worse is Better' paradigm in which an ugly complex design with few attractive theoretical properties ...