Thank you, Bank Compliance *insert insult* for leading me to bisq


So my bank calls this morning to inform me that "a fraudulent transaction has been blocked" since their "Compliance Team" informed them the recipient has been flagged for financial crime.

Turns out it is my DCA recurring transaction for Kraken were I buy BTC every month.

I argue back and forth with the guy and long story made short they blocked payward Ltd (payment provider of Kraken) for good.

I basically told him they are blocking the purchase of bitcoin because they are scared and their business model is threatened, which he of course denied. He named a few other platforms I politely declined.

I am now using bisq (peer to peer trading relatively anonymous) why didn't I do that before! This is perfect! No ID required just a little BTC to finance trades, just great. It is a little complicated to use but if you got a brain it's doable.

So thanks Bank Compliance cunt, I'll never go back to centralized exchanges again.