Taxable events… so what?!?!?!?


I currently collect Sats anyway that I can.

  1. I buy Sats ; both DCA and dip buys

  2. I collect Sats from my BTC Visa purchases

  3. I collect Sats from BTC contests

  4. I take payments for my services any time someone is capable of paying me in BTC for my services

  5. I collect Sats from Tipbot

These are all taxed as income in my country but I’ll still stack them. I’ll pay taxes on them because I am still net ahead and stacking more Sats everyday.

I believe that the BTC price gains will dominate all other currencies in the future. I believe that this is the best way to preserve my wealth into the near and distant future.

I have conviction.

I know that $100 of BTC will not buy me a Lamborghini in 6 months and I am fine with that. I don’t care about Lamborghini’s. I care about preservation of my wealth and most importantly the freedom that BTC can provide for me and my family.