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Taproot review - week two (technical content)

Week Two Info "The solution was script, which generalizes the problem so transacting parties can describe their transaction as a predicate that the node network evaluates. The nodes only need to understand the transaction to the extent of evaluating whether the sender's conditions are met." -- Satoshi, 2010-06-17

Hopefully you've made it through the first week, successfully contacted your study group, caught up on any background about the process, and made some initial progress with review! If you haven't, that's fine -- catch up as best you can, and feel free to ask questions about earlier topics even if we've supposedly moved on to later topics.

We've got a short poll for week 1 feedback to help track how the review is going so far, if you can spend a couple of minutes filling it in that would be great! Note that this is an anonymous poll -- the idea is just to get a general idea how everyone is going. If you have questions/problems that need a more direct response, feel free to send an email, ask on IRC or create a PR or issue in the github repo as seems appropriate.

Per the curriculum this week moves on from the overall taproot construction to looking at key path spends and the merkle construction that allows a multitude of scripts as alternatives to direct key path spends.

Results from Week One

We had the first two Q&A sessions, and have logs of the conversations captured: week 1 Q&A 1, week 1 Q&A 2. There's some interesting discussion in both of them, so worth a look if you've got time!

There's already been a few suggested changes to the BIPs, including PR#122, PR#126, and PR#128 -- they're all pretty short, so if you haven't contributed to a BIP or Bitcoin core before, they make for pretty easy examples of how to contribute!

One thing mentioned in a Q&A session which hasn't been resolved yet was the possible impact of a bech32 malleability misfeature on taproot upgradeability -- see Pieter Wuill...

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