Swan Bitcoin vs Binance.US

self.Bitcoin3d ago
I learned about Swan on a podcast and set up recurring weekly buys. Super simple to use and I love supporting a smaller bitcoin only service. The bitcoin education and their outreach is great too. Fees are 0.99% which seems pretty reasonable. However, I just saw that Binance.US now has no fees when trading bitcoin. How can Swan Bitcoin compete with 0% fees? Why should I keep my recurring buys with Swan when I could save 0.99% per purchase if I go with Binance? Honestly curious. Does Binance make up the difference on the spread or do fees on the other coins on their platform make up the difference? Withdrawal fees are free on Swan and 0.0002 BTC on Binance.US, which is $4.60 fee at current prices. So, as long as I am withdrawing more than $460 from Binance at a time, the withdrawal fee will be less than 1% and theoretically it seems I’d save money using recurring (free) bitcoin buys on Binance… Am I looking at this incorrectly? Thanks! Edit: I am keeping my recurring bitcoin purchases with Swan FYI. Don’t yell at me. I know everyone here hates any exchange that allows trades in anything but bitcoin only.