Strike app experience: took all my info, then closed my account


I heard about Strike on here and after seeing how many downloads their Play Store app has I decided to download it too and of course to sign up as well.

I completed all of the verification stuff from my end (ID front and back, selfie, etc.) and then waited, as the app said "your verification is in progress."

I did this all about 3 days ago. I remember it saying that it takes them 1-2 days to complete the verification from their end, so about half an hour ago I opened the app up. Much to my dismay, however, I was greeted with a message saying that my account has been closed (by Strike).

The only remaining options from there was to contact them via email and/or logout, so I did the first and then the latter.

Has this happened to anyone else here? Do they have a subreddit? I looked but couldn't find one, so apologies if this post is in the wrong spot.

It kinda sucks to give someone all the information needed to really scam you and screw over your whole life if they want to, and then see them in turn take it and immediately close your account.

Whether I'm correct to think this way or not, it certainly seems understandable to myself for me to have the feeling that they pretty much said, "Well, we got what we needed. Bye!"