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Stop being an average "non-technical" person if you want to stop being poor

Because everyone with this attitude missed & will continue to miss great opportunities like mining BTC for pennies You think Lightning Network is too complicated for you to use? Opps that's the equivalent of missing BTC at $10 Can't bother with Non-KYC methods of buying BTC? Oops you just missed BTC at $20 Don't think you need Samourai wallet, CoinJoin, Whirlpool, and other privacy stuff because you're not a criminal? Oops you just missed BTC at $100 Can't afford to run your own Node? Price just shot past $1000 Coins still in exchanges? Sorry we're now at $20,000 and you lost your BTC because the exchange got "hacked" So stop being non technical, non-curious and learn about BTC like your life depends on it. You're not too late until it's very easy to do all of the above
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