Spitballing Ideas: The Churn


I got this idea, maybe I'm off my rocker but just want to get feedback:

Its called BBB (Bitcoin Billions Bonds) - or 'the triple B'

High-level overview - consolidate bitcoin from millions of users into single wallet/address, use that bitcoin to purchase the equivalent amount in boring 3-4% treasury bonds, take that interest from the bond yield and buy bitcoin.

user consolidated bitcoin --> [buy] Treasury Bonds -- Bond yield [interest] ---> [buy] bitcoin

This is the concept of Churning, fiat interest into Bitcoin

That is the basic overview, but from the bitcoin purchased from yield interest, you can continue on with the bitcoin purchase from the bond yield to do many other interesting things:

1) Accumulate the yield interest bitcoin for a year, then evenly split the accumulated bitcoin back among the user addresses that pooled the original bitcoin to purchase the bonds.

2) Take the accumulated bitcoin purchased through bond yield, split it by an specific number and randomly send it back to the original users who pooled their bitcoin to purchase the bonds. Once an address receives a payout it is removed, and the process continues.

3) use the bond yield interest to buy bitcoin, then funnel that bitcoin into other smart contracts as dictated by the pool users.

Assumptions: You'd need a company that can take the pooled bitcoin from millions of user addresses ( so ideally billions worth of bitcoin), buy bonds and then take the yield to buy back bitcoin. Ideally the company would be as automated as possible (if maybe not entirely) and auditable. Maybe it can be collectively owned by the users themselves.

Also if the pooled users decide or if dictated in a smart contract, the bonds can be liquidated and bitcoin purchased and that amount returned in proportion/ or equally back to the original creators of the that pool.

Am I mental or does this concept have any value?