Spending bitcoin with a debit card is like putting an email in an envelope to send it.

15D Ago
Creating a debit card that can be used to spend bitcoin with merchants that dont yet accept lightning invoices is like creating a service that takes your email, puts it in an envelope and sends it to people who dont yet have an email address. Debit cards are the thing we are trying to avoid by using bitcoin just like the post office was the thing we were trying to avoid by using email. The goal is not to have bitcoin running on traditional financial rails, the goal is to get traditional finance running on bitcoin rails. The goal was to get people to directly accept email, then they could print it out into physical mail form if they wanted to. In the same way the goal is to get people to directly accept lightning invoices, then they can turn their payment into whatever currency they want and store their value however they want afterwards. Instead of building bitcoin debit cards that allow bitcoiners to spend btc at credit card point of sale terminals, people should be building services that allow merchants to accept lightning invoices and then receive whatever currency they want. Merchants need the ability to download an app or plug into an API, link their bank account, accept lightning payments and automatically recieve dollars into their bank without ever touching bitcoin. This is the first step towards a bitcoin standard, nothing else matters until lightning is accepted at more places than visa and mastercard.