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Something regarding the older generation and bitcoin I realized today.

During a family sit down a few weeks ago I looked on my phone for the charts, my grandfather, sitting next to me said “you are a slave to bitcoin”. (I think he meant my phone but we talked bitcoin right before) uncomfortable silence for a few moments. After several seconds I responded: “bitcoin will and has set me free from the slavery you endorsed your whole life”. (Hour long discussion about the monetary system afterwards). Apparently he was still under the impression bitcoin was a project that might fail any second which was highly volatile, speculative and even criminal. My grandfather is pretty up to date with technology and appreciates learning from each conversation he has especially with the younger generations. He eventually agreed this was a revolutionary technology and embraced my enthusiasm. He also noted how our current governance is defect and this might solve it. What really touched me he said he was excited for the future we are heading to which was very promising considering everything that’s happening and bitcoin is a positive thing to focus on. But he and his generation aren’t a part of it. He will be dead or uninterested by the time it brings true change to our daily lives. It made me realize more than ever older people like warren buffet or old politicians have no ambition to see bitcoin or blockchain succeed in their terms of spotlight because it sounds like future technology they won’t be a part of. I gave him around 0.05 BTC and said; welcome to the future, you’re a part of it now. He sends me weekly messages now 😄 If you can’t beat them, give them bitcoin. Can someone give all the haters and boomers some bitcoin? Edit: edited minor things just to clarify. I’m sorry if I offended anyone that interpreted my post as suggesting older people are clueless, ignorant or whatever. That wasn’t the point and I apologize if you are offended, I truly am. From my viewpoint “older” people (75+) around me or on the media aren’t particularly po...
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