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Something I was thinking about for years regarding bitcoin miners

They yearly invest millions in mining equipment and electricity. Why don't they take a part of this money and market buy bitcoin on a regular basis. By increasing the price of bitcoin they increase their roi. Or am I not understanding something crucial?
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Bitcoin Lightning Torch 2.0 On The Move

This week, the Lightning community decided it was time to resurrect the Lightning Torch 2.0 for another go at showcasing the awesomeness of the LN.
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The only Instagram filter we need

Today I made an Instagram AR filter using Spark AR Studio. Pretty cool tool. Waiting on the filter to get approved, but here’s a test I made. I’m so happy I’m not a shitcoin. 😂Ps. Obviously would’ve ...
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Cashless Businesses Banned In NYC

New York City's restaurants and other retail establishments will no longer be allowed to reject cash payments under legislation passed by the City Council.