So you want to withdraw from an exchange and have no clue how to start. Read this.


So you want to withdraw from an exchange and have no clue how to start. Read this.

This what I did with my 60+ years old tech illiterate dad. So, it’s optimized for being easy to get started and hard to mess up.

  1. Download Muun Wallet from the App Store. (Any non-custodial hot wallet will do. I like Muun because it’s impossible to mess up and a 5 yr old can use with no directions.

  2. Send your BTC balance there. There is literally only 2 buttons on the whole app. Send and Receive. Can’t mess it up.

  3. Go to Trezor and buy model one ($67) or Model T ($213). Both are open source and pretty comparable. I bought my dad the T since, it’s just slightly better Usability. It will take a week or so to come in. That would be okay, since your funds is safe at Muun or whatever hot wallet you downloaded.

  4. Take a look at the various metal plates here: and get one to save your 12 words when your Trezor comes

  5. Once your Trezor comes, play with it. Pretend it gets lost in a boating accident and you need to recover it. Then, slowly move your balance from your hot wallet there as you get more comfortable.

  6. You should have your steel plate and 12 words around now. Keep it safe and treat it as a gold bar that is digital. you can memorize the words, have a billion dollar in it, travel with it. Give some of it to someone across the globe.

Congratulations- you are now your own bank. This is a big responsibility but worth it.

The next steps is to set up a way to pass the keys to your kids or loved ones if you aren’t around any more. But, that’s for another day.