So today I went to the cinema, and I made this insight

1M Ago
I bought the tickets from a shitty webpage offered by the cinema itself. When I arrived to the payment screen, I was asked to input a card number, expiration date and CVS. Of course, this is annoying, I had to rush to find my card, manually copy the data, and validate the operation afterwards... I though: it would have been so convenient to do this payment with lightning network... You get the invoice QR, you scan it with your phone, and bam! You payed. The question is: what is preventing medium/small business to offer this additional payment method in their web pages? Is it a legal issue? Is it a technological issue? Is it that they don't know? I am worried thar 13 years after, webpages are not yet offering to pay with Bitcoin. And it is something that Satoshi Nakamoto was considering before he dissappeared. We was trying to prepare APIs to integrate webpages with Bitcoin. What is missing for this simple adaptation to take place little by little? The current progress is virtually zero.