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So my wife thought I wrote her a love letter..

I came into the room with my Trezor and a piece of paper.. I proceeded to explain to her how to access my digital assets with detailed step-by-step instructions written on the piece of paper. I explained that if anything were to ever happen to me, she would need to understand this in order to retrieve the money should she ever want to cash out after I'm gone. After about 10 minutes of me explaining she sighs deeply and said.. "Oh.. I thought you wrote me a love letter..". Damn.. I thought this WAS a love letter. Oh well.
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Guide for selecting type of bitcoin node to run

Selecting Node Type Evaluate below tables to determine which route seems most suitable given: Route A Route B Route C Route D Cost Zero Zero Low High Time Requirement Low High Mid/High Low ...
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Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #104

This week’s newsletter summarizes a discussion about mining incentives related to HTLCs and links to an announcement about a proposed service to store and relay presigned transactions. Also included a...