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So, if the Bitcoin Bull Run is not yet over...

The Bulls will still need to price-in... Country/ies making BTC legal tender. (This was not expected in this run) New billionaires .purchasing BTC. Taproot. China losing control on mining supremacy. Inflation and Dollar printing. ​ I do not think that we have those mouth-watering fundamental goods waiting for the bulls to price-it-in during the mid-year crash, in the last bull run editions. If you utilize risk-and-reward ratio and you still have buying power, the ratio is quite obvious. It is heavily leaning towards reward.
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Yeah, I'm thinking we're back

Do you feel in charge, Mr Rothschild?ETH/ERC-20: 0x875a10A308B00925967825BcB2205Fc97f2c7a80BTC: bc1qt5w0x5kz7lcqrfrmnnw3f2pngljzvwp492qdmlXMR: 8Be95KHDpfHKkX...
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Bitcoin is Now 58% of Square's Total Revenue

Square have defined BTC revenue in their 10-K: "We purchase bitcoin from private broker dealers or from Cash App customers and apply a small margin before selling it to our customers. The sale amounts...