SLIP39 solution for non-SLIP39 hardware wallets?

self.Bitcoin1m ago
**TLDR? Your 24 word seedphrase or even seedphrase and (25th word) passphrase are not as secure as you might think. There is a better solution but it is only supported by some hardware wallets and I am querying if this is a workaround for that.** As the user of a non-SLIP39 hardware wallet wanting the extra security and redundancy benefits of SLIP39, is there any particular reason not to: \- Type my seedphrase (**see warning below**) and passphrase into the BIP39 offline page \- Enable the entropy checkbox and copy it \- In the SLIP39 page paste the copied entropy as the master secret \- Store generated SLIP39 shares at 3 different locations \- Destroy BIP39 seedphrase \- Recover the entropy from the offline SLIP39 page at any time using any 2 of 3 shares \- Use the recovered entropy on the BIP39 page to generate my seedphrase and passphrase that will work on any hardware wallet natively I appreciate the program documentation warns of not backing up the entropy as it is unreliable, and instead to use the mnemonic, and I am wondering if this is just because human errors are more likely when transcribing mnemonics or if there is another reason not to use what seems like an interoperable solution? For anyone unfamiliar with SLIP39 the main benefits compared to BIP39 are: **Security:** With SLIP39 an attacker cannot use a single share to access your wallet or make it so they only need to crack 8 words to complete your seedphrase, unlike just storing your full BIP39 seedphrase or manually splitting a 24 word BIP39 into 3 parts, each containing 16 words of your passphrase. SLIP39 uses 33 word shares and 2 separate shares at two separate locations would have to be compromised for theft to occur. **Redundancy:** With SLIP39 if you lose access to 1 of your 3 share backups, you can still generate your seedphrase using just 2 shares to move your funds to a new wallet. You could store a BIP39 24 word seedphrase at one location and your (25th 'word') passphrase at another but if you lose either your wallet access is gone. **WARNING: There are links to online versions on these pages but they should only be used for testing test keys - not your real keys or seedphrases etc. If you want to use with real keys DYOR first as I am and only run these programs when downloaded to a Tails live USB and after you have disabled the network connection, and format the USB afterwards.** []( [](